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Hostel culture was a happening phenomenon in Europe way before it flourished like a Wisteria in India. Cool bars, happening common areas, gaming zone, community kitchen and a variety of outdoor activities, hostels in Europe provides the best of it.  I have experienced the stays in different hostels from Spain to Germany.  A few hostels were an amazing experience with the most enthusiastic staff while others hostels had more of a laidback atmosphere.


Frankfurt Hostels

I entered some of the hostels as just a guest and checked-out as a family member. The Five Elements Hostel was one such family. It is located right opposite to the main railway station in Frankfurt and at a walking distance from the main city square. Comfortable, clean rooms and best facilities are the common peculiarities of this hostel. But, the enthusiastic staff and the activities are the main happening things about it. This would truly make your stay in Frankfurt worth it.

The day I checked in, I met a couple from Mumbai in the common area of the hostel. I still remember their comment “ It is not just a hostel, it is an experience.” And I was really glad to be a part of the hostel.

The Activity board caught my attention the next. BBQ Party to Pub Crawl, it sounded so exciting to come to a hostel with so many activities.


Pub Crawl in the Bar District of Frankfurt

While the French boast of their skill of winemaking, the Germans give them equal competition by crafting the best of the beers. German beers are famous worldwide and the Bar District of Frankfurt serves the best of them. The Pub Crawl headed by Rafa and Yasmin from the Five Elements Hostel kicked off with some beer purchase. Let me remind you here that a number of cafes and bars give a discount just for the 5E Hostellers! You eat or drink, you would be paying lesser than others. 😉

Frankfurt Hostels

The air smelled fresh after a mild shower and the high-rise buildings of Frankfurt glittered with the colourful lights created a wonderful ambience. This magical view was a perfect open-air bar for us. The excitement and hooting reached its zenith as we were about to raise a toast for the first shot round. 😉

I am sure none of us realised the distance we walked for and soon we had reached the first pub on our list, The Irish Pub. And then the next few pubs were quite in the vicinity. However, people were enjoying the ‘high spirit’ right after the first pub. Haha. Won’t disclose much;). Do experience the fun yourself while you are in Frankfurt.


Beer Tasting

The masters of the art of beer crafting are also the masters of designing different glasses for specific beers. I found the glasses or ‘Stein’more fascinating than the beers. Especially, the Bavarian stoneware glasses and the Beer Boot Glass are my favourites. In Frankfurt, you must try the special apple wine which is quite interesting as its design is inspired by the exterior of an iconic building in Frankfurt.

Frankfurt Hostels

Join the Beer Tasting Sessions of The Five Elements Hostel to try the famous German Beer and some interesting facts about the same.


Barbeque Events

Almost every evening, The Five Elements Hostel celebrates (for nothing! ‘Coz we don’t need a reason to celebrate) in the backyard of the hostel. The barbeque party is something that all guests wait for. Sausages, meat, cheese, and even veggies smoke hot here. You can just choose whatever you want, pay some tip of your choice or some minimal amount and enjoy some spicy grilled meat or cheese with your drink right in the backyard of the hostel.

Frankfurt Hostels


Home Cooked Food or Family Dinners

Trying local food is what we aim for in all our trips, but secretly we all miss the spice or the taste of our country. During my 83 days long trip to Europe, I always craved for Indian spices. I craved more because of some bland and monotonous vegetarian food.  Being a vegetarian, only the pizzas, pasta and salads were my options all the time.

Frankfurt Hostels

That’s me with the staff members of 5E Hostel preparing for the Indian Dinner Night


And therefore, the community kitchen of the hostel was like a boon for me. I even volunteered to cook Indian food. And guess what, people in the Five Elements Hostel relished Indian Daal Rice on an evening. Hahaha. A few Indians guests literally blessed me for the spice!

Frankfurt Hostels

The guest enjoying Daal-Rice 


Let’ Play Some Games

Game Zone is a place that connects you to other like-minded travelers. During my week-long stay in the hostel, I observed most friendships nourishing over the games. The Five Elements Hostel has a special game zone all for free. Fussball, Billiards or card, play whatever pleases you and have fun with new friends.

Frankfurt Hostels

This was obviously my favourite place to meet new people. I can never forget watching football world cup with soccer crazy crowd. I even learnt some great billiards tricks right here with the expert fellow hostellers. Isn’t it a perfect place even for a rainy day in Frankfurt?

Apart from this, the hostel keeps on organizing a number of activities. Their walls are always open for some social activities, drawings, paintings or any random creativity while you enjoy your breakfast, meals or drink.

Frankfurt Hostels


Things you may wish to know about the hostel

  • Breakfast is free but don’t forget to carry your guest pass. Tea and Coffee are provided free of cost 24 x 7.
  • As you will read in most reviews, it is located near the Red Light District but is completely safe, well-secured. The weekends can be crazy due to parties around.

Frankfurt Hostels

  • It is located at 4 minutes distance from the Frankfurt Railway Station.
  • The rooms are cleaned daily and the bathrooms are checked and cleaned thrice in a day.
  • Towel and hairdryers are available on a minimal rent.
  • A padlock is provided on a deposit of some amount.
  • Most of the time a few beds are available for on-spot booking but would advise you to book in advance during the trade fairs and weekends.
  • Double/single bedrooms are also available at a cheaper rate than hotels.

This Post is written in Collaboration with The Five Element Hostel, Frankfurt. However, all the experiences and views are of my own.


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Frankfurt Hostels


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Frankfurt Hostels

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