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I’m Purvi, an Indian traveller and fearless adventurer. Exploring local cultures and discovering the essence of the places I visit is my passion. I find the real joy of travelling in going off the grid. Mountains feed my soul and the verdant valleys enlighten it. And I love capturing the vistas that my eyes see and present it in the form of words for you all to imagine. And my camera creates the ultimate magic!

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ladakh package

How to Choose The Best Ladakh Tour Package

Ladakh, located in the northernmost region of India, is a place that fascinates travelers from all around the world with its rugged and remote landscape, vibrant culture, and unique traditions. It is known for its high altitude desert, crystal-clear blue skies, and picturesque views of snow-capped mountains. Ladakh is a region that is rich in natural beauty, cultural diversity, and …
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places to visit near ahmedabad

Places to Visit Near Ahmedabad on a 2 Days of Road Trip

The shivery wind of winter brings along a flood of tourists to Kutch, Gir, Somnath and Dwarka. This also leads to the crowd thronging to the city of Ahmedabad. It is the entry-point or the well-connected city to travel to other parts of Gujarat. In fact, this World Heritage City is more popular for the architectural marvels surrounding it. Ahmedabad …
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Indonesia Street Food

Planning A Trip To Indonesia? Here Are The 5 Must-Try Street Foods!

  We all know that Indonesia is one of the largest Archipelagos in the world. There is so much to see and explore here that every tourist would need at least two or three visits to actually do justice to all the beautiful places and landscapes that Indonesia has to offer. Apart from the various tourist attractions, Indonesia is home …
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Best Resort in Chikmagalur

Honeydewwz Resort, Your Answer to Where to Stay in Chikmagalur

When the rain starts pouring in the Western Ghats of Karnataka, you can’t just stop dreaming about driving through the green hills wrapped in a misty blanket. In this marshy land, the only music you would hear is that of mother nature. The only alarm you would wake up to is the cacophony of the birdsongs paired with the scenic …
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places to visit in Mumbai

Exploring Mumbai like a Local: 12 Offbeat Things to Do

Enough is said and written about the famous tourist places like Marine Drive, Chaupati, Band Stand, Juhu Beach and Gateway of India that stand like iconic symbols of the city. But there is much more to explore in Mumbai than these haunts. Especially, when you are exploring Mumbai to experience its culture then you must opt for the unusual places. If you want to explore these offbeat locations comfortably, you can consider hiring a car in Mumbai. And here is the list of offbeat things to do in Mumbai to help all traveling souls …
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chinese temple in mumbai

Kwan Kung Tai Shek – A Chinese Temple In Mumbai

China Town in Mumbai? A town habited by Chinese? How is that possible? Yes, this was my first reaction when I heard about a Chinese temple in Mumbai. Honestly, I was totally unaware of the Chinese religions and Gods. Hours of research about the same lured my curious mind to barge into this offbeat place or hidden jewel on a Sunday morning …
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volunteer India SECMOL

A School That Creates Geniuses out of Failures

“My name is Dolkar and I am from a remote village of Padum region in Zangskar,” said a student who was given the responsibility of taking us around a school campus in Ladakh. “Initially when we joined here, it was too tiring to even take one round of the school, but now, as it is ‘my responsibility’, I got used to it,” she continued. I was surprised to see a young girl like her being so conscious of her responsibility. Moreover, she had just come from a village that is hardly connected to the other parts of the Ladakh region …
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List of things to do in Udupi

10 Things to do in Udupi for an Interesting Experience

The moment we hear the name ‘Udupi’ , a spiritual town image pops up in the display screen of our …
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must visit places barcelona city guide spain

8  Must Visit Places in Barcelona That Would Make You Fall in Love With It

This beautiful city was the first halt on my months-long solo backpacking trip to Europe. Undoubtedly, it turned out to …
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Bhedaghat Dhuadhaar travel Madhya Pradesh

Bhedaghat: A Gorge that would make you Fall……..

……..in Love with Madhya Pradesh… 😉 She roars like a lioness as she plunges down the rocks creating a smoggy …
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Ayodhya Controversy Temples Travel Explore

Places to visit in Ayodhya Beyond Its Controversial Ram Temple

Ayodhya is a gem for the travelers as it is totally untouched when it comes to the development from the …
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