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Hello, I am Purvi Kamaliya and I am a Travel Content Creator besides being a photographer, instagrammer, story teller and environmentalist. After working for 4 years as a teacher in Mumbai, I switched my career to full-time travel content creation.

I started with my great travel dream in the year 2013. I remember the day when I was rejoicing the deposit of my first salary and had booked three back to back treks. I was that curious soul with an immense cravings to venture into the wild. My first wild venture of an extensive trekking in the golden granules of Thar Desert only added to my travel addiction. It was followed by a month-long trekking and cycling endeavour in the Himalayas. I had gone solo for the first time. The palpable symptoms of my first solo journey immediately subsided in the company of a  bunch of strangers who later became my best travel buddies.

Since then I have hardly looked back. I have headed as high as 16000 ft in the snow-clad mountains of Himalayas and have also dived deep into the romantic blue waters of the mysterious islands of Andaman and Nicobar.

And the journey is ‘To Be Continued…’ forever.

Offbeat travelling has always excited me and thus I  explore the culture and the ethnicity of each place I visit. I have started penning down my travel experience and plans to help all the addicted spirits who are bitten by the travel bug.


Full-time Traveling by taking a Gap Year

In 2017 I left my full-time job and flew to Ladakh to start my 1.5 years long journey across North India. Volunteering, hitchhiking and Couchsurfing had been my favourite ways of travelling. More than just ticking off the places, I spent my time experiencing the cultures of the places while being a pseudo-local. This way of slow-travelling didn’t only help me cut on my carbon-footprint but also helped me cut on my budget. The estimated cost of my 1.5 years of travelling in India came around 60k most of which consisted of splurging on cute cafes, local food and nominal donations at schools and monasteries.



Solo Backpacking to Europe

Now, this was one of my ‘Once in a Lifetime’ experience wherein I had planned to explore Europe the local way. I stayed with the locals, learnt some local recipes, taught few of the Indian recipes, attended movie nights, made friends with strangers, went pub-hopping, painted the hippie area in Copenhagen and roamed around with history students to understand more than the touristy stuff about a place. Also, volunteering with European hostels added to my experience of shopping like a local and interacting with the people from all around the world and understanding more about tourism in Europe. Being a blogger was another added advantage as I could collaborate with a number of tourism boards in Central and Northern Europe. Guided Museum and art gallery tours with the tourism officers was a perk I got to enjoy as a blogger.



Chapter 2: Couple Travel

So, I found a life partner in a travel buddy! We explored more of each other while trekking and travelling in YHAI groups during our courtship period. He has supported all my solo journey throughout and finally, we decided to become travel partners forever.  Not that we needed any vows or the rings, but we made it official for the sake of our families, in 2019. From 25th January onwards, most of my frugal journies are mostly accompanied by Vinod Tarikere who is an engineer by profession, social enthusiast by passion.




Do you still think Travelling is secondary?

Travelling the whole world, devouring all its beauty, seems to be quite a difficult task just in one life. I believe that’s the reason most of the ancient civilizations believed in an afterlife. The one (probably the travel-crazy people like me? ) who couldn’t travel enough, keep on haunting the oceans, forests and other beautiful places famous for paranormal activities?

So, don’t wait till your afterlife, keep reading about amazing places, stay inspired and keep travelling to new places. Join my journey and get your mandatory dose of inspiration in your mailbox by subscribing to my blog.

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