Getting lost in the ocean of nameless smiling faces in the flourishing cities of the world absolutely makes me feel an outlandish high. In the course of relishing such exotic high, I travel and explore the famous as well as unexplored cities. Each city presents its own unique aura and charm that enchants me to an era of its glory. I love to explore the streets, markets, forts, palaces, beaches, lakes and the list is never-ending. Hereby in my write-ups, I have penned down my tryst with the stunning cultures, traditions and cuisines in the bustling cities.

But, roaming around only the cities is certainly not my definition of exploration. A traveler always hunts for something non-touristy wherever she goes. And so happens with me. In my urge to unearth something novel, I come across some thrilling hunts which are usually missed out by the tourists while some are frequently visited by the tourist but they tend to miss out the unusual experiences during their visits. My writing aims to inspire the visitors to explore the unseen and thus get acquainted with a new culture, habitat, tradition or cuisine that makes each place peculiar. Scroll down and check out my explorations in your favourite state…. and don’t forget to follow on Instagram for stunning pictures of my journey on.

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