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Road Trips from Bangalore


Bangalore lies at the centre of a fascinating region – where green mountains blend into the arid Deccan plateau – a land of lush forests and dramatic coastlines. There are many not-so-popular destinations, known locally but seldom mentioned in the traditional itinerary. With the easy availability of self drive cars , one can plan a weekend road trip to these unique destinations very quickly. Here are some top recommendations for the road trips from Bangalore.

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Unravel the Real Story of the Mighty Bahubali

Bahubali Shravanbelagola

It is one of the divine destinations of Karnataka. There are total five monoliths of Gomteshwara – the son of the first Jain tirthankar(Rishabhnath Swami) in the state, the tallest one(58 ft) of which is located in Shravanbelagola making it a tourist hot-spot. It is also considered to be the tallest monolith in the world. Chandragupta Maurya is said to have died here after he assumed the life of an ascetic. Fascinated by these facts and the craze for the fictional character of Bahubali, I planned a day trip from Mysore to this divine place that led to the creation of a blockbuster movie.  Read more

Places to Visit in Udupi on a Day Trip

Places to Visit in Udupi on a Day Trip

The moment we hear the name ‘Udupi’ , the spiritual town and image pop up in the display screen of our mind. And at the same time, our foody mind scrolls through all the possible images of Udupi sambhar, vada, idli, and dosa. But this little town has one more image of it to show you.  With a number of amazing beaches, this place can make you prepare an unending list of places to visit in Udupi.

 A few of the beaches in Udupi are as beautiful as the beaches in the islands of Andaman. In fact. the St. Mary’s Island in Udupi can definitely give you a feel of being in Andaman. Unlike the beaches of Goa and other famous tourist towns, the beaches in Udupi are clean and well maintained. In fact, while in Goa, I totally avoided the crowded beaches and instead opted for the exploration of Museums, spice plantation, Portuguese colonies and the temples of Goa.

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The Precious Heritage City : What to See in Mysore

The Precious Heritage City : What to See in Mysore

This Royal City of south is not all about its marvelous palace but it also bewilders its visitors with its variety of natural and cultural marvels.  The city had once been the capital of the Wodeyar  and now  is a paradise for the explorers and architecture lovers. The city is also surrounded by some interesting places like Shravanbelagola, Gopalaswami Betta and even a famous tiger sanctuary of Bandipur is located just at a distance of a few kilometres.  The best time to visit is in winter (September –February) that includes the extravagant state festival of Dussera.

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