Detailed Guide on Safari at Bandipur National Park

A great getaway from Mysore or Bangalore to acquaint yourself and the kids with the important creatures who keeps the food cycle intact and helps human survive and grow peacefully. Among hundreds of sanctuaries in India, Bandipur National Park proudly stands among those which have been successful in saving the jewel of India, our national animal, TIGER.

A visit to Bandipur from Bangalore or Mysore becomes more memorable with the ease of booking safaris and stay in Jungle Lodges, unlike other sanctuaries. It is quite cheaper too.


Ease of Booking

The stay and the safaris can be easily be booked online and thus eliminating the need and the payment to the agents. When you book your stay, one complimentary safari is automatically added to your visit. In case you wish to take more than one safari, you can stand in not so long queues at a specified time. Plenty of buses ply for the same on a daily basis.

Moreover, the regular meals also come complimentary with your booking.

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Ease of Stay

The government cottages are quite comfortable and well maintained for the stay in winter. The summer stay can be a bit uncomfortable. There is no electricity in the cottages for safety purposes, as the cottages are located in the forest area. Other required items and cleaning are done on request by the attendants. The surrounding is comparatively quite cool at night.

Delicious Meal

Buffet dinner is provided which is quite heavy and not typical south Indian. So, many north Indian delicacies can also be expected along with lip-smacking sweet dishes. Heavy breakfast and lunch is also provided to those who have multiple days’ stay. The food is strictly vegetarian unless you provide them with meat/chicken(you need to buy it from outside) of your choice. The attendants will cook it separately, the way you like it and would serve it on your dinner table. (Separate charges apply)

For any other needs, the premise also has a canteen which has a fixed time schedule, for any untimely snacks and tea, you can run to the lovely canteen canopy.

The Wildlife Documentary

Those who do not opt for the forest stay are supposed to leave the premise before it turns dark, while those who have the stay will be invited for a documentary on the wildlife of Bandipur which is a must-watch. Many important facts about the creatures are explained in the simplest way, to which you will hardly pay attention in your busy city life.

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The Monkey Menace

While your mind is totally prepared for a peaceful evening tea in the serenity of the forest, hold your thought. The monkeys around will make sure they make you run enough with your food and burn some calories before you eat. Except in the meal area which is a safe enclosure, you will have to be aware of the devotees of Lord Hanuman, especially if you have any eatable in your hand.

The Deer Dance


The after-dinner hour is quite boring as you are not allowed to make any noise that might attract wild animals. Neither any music nor any game is allowed outside the cottage. Mostly, you are requested to stay inside the cottage with your door safely locked.

But if you wish to witness a wonder of nature and have some adventure, you can quietly creep out of your cottage and flash some torchlight around. You will be astonished to see hundreds of tiny golden pearls shining brightly and winking at the reflection of the light. And that is nothing other than the hundreds of forest deer gathered in the vicinity of the cottage area to be safe from the dangers of darkness.

The Music of Wild

While there is complete calm around you, the howling and roaring of the animals and the rustling of the leaves will not fail to thrill you with complete horror movie’s background music.

Tips for the Wildlife Safari

  1. Do not throw your plastic wastes in the forests; the animals have the habit of living in completely clean surroundings, unlike humans.
  2. Let them eat natural food; don’t feed them your chips and nuts. Their health is not your choice; don’t force them to be an ultramodern foodie.
  3. Behave like humans; don’t scare the animals with your screams of ‘Whereeee????’ and ‘Thereeeee’…..
  4. If your children are scared of animals and can’t control crying and troubling, take them to a zoo, they aren’t ready for the safari yet. Have mercy on other wildlife lovers.
  5. Respect the animals; they are not the models for showing off your photography skills.
  6. Listen to the instructions. You are in the animal’s world. You will be treated the way they are treated when they enter humans’ territory.

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