Be a Samartass Solo Traveler; Learn a Few Basic Safety Hacks 

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If you wish to travel alone in India, you must have knowledge of how you can keep yourself safe. Whether you had to put it in practice or not is secondary. Of course, you would never want any situation where you need to get through a horrible experience just to put your self-defence skills into practice. Though I myself have experienced only the safer side of the world, I have heard many women complaining about their bad experiences especially in a country like India.

Fighting against the ill-treatment or harassment is a brave act but it would be smart to avoid such situations with some basic knowledge and tricks. Read more

My Solo Adventure in Ladakh

My Solo Adventure in Ladakh

Ladakh for a month?

Are you out of your mind? What would you do for a month?

What is there to see for a month?

After hearing this from almost everyone, I was firm to explore the unseen Ladakh with all the more enthusiasm. And I have now ended up planning another visit to this Land of Lamas because a month was certainly not enough to explore the secrets of this fairyland.

Living the life on the road is a dream for many. And when it comes to solo traveling, most of them think it to be insane. But my solo traveling in Ladakh would give you the real picture of what solo traveling actually looks like. Read more

For that Conservative and Scared Mind: Get your Dose of Inspiration from these Indian Solo Female Travelers

indian solo female travelers

In my quest of traveling solo, I have ventured around traveling to the remote villages and trekking to the unfrequented hills in the Himalayas. Though solo travel is a currently trending concept in India, I still meet people around who give “What nonsense!!” look when they discover that I am not accompanied by anyone and am traveling alone *Alone?? OMG, eyes wide open and a startled frown*. There is another lot who finds this idea of roaming around solo very inspiring and are awed at my courage of traveling solo. Recently, when I expressed my wish to go on a long-term solo travel just  like many other female travelers in India, I was obviously bombarded with all sorts of negative questions. Thus, I decided to let the world know how life-changing and empowering solo traveling is for the girls who are actually up to it. I asked the fellow solo female travelers to share the reason to opt for solo traveling and their experience of the same. Read more