Postcards From Lumbini , An Atheist’s Travel Account

must see places Lumbini nepal

Tranquility and spirituality in the air and the flooding divinity can not only be seen but can also be felt deep within your heart. It doesn’t matter if you are the believer of the faith or not, it would lure you just get a corner along the central canal or in the wilderness of the bird sanctuary.

I didn’t really understand the chanting going on outside the Lumbini Palace, but sitting under the Bodhi Tree, the chanting really felt to be soothing to my mind. The background music of the rustling leaves seemed to be notifying its presence and contribution in invoking the divine energy.

What I loved the most about Lumbini was its blissful surroundings and the desolate trails that led to the pastures spread till my eyes could see. Read more