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Tranquility and spirituality in the air and the flooding divinity can not only be seen but can also be felt deep within your heart. It doesn’t matter if you are the believer of the faith or not, it would lure you just get a corner along the central canal or in the wilderness of the bird sanctuary.

I didn’t really understand the chanting going on outside the Lumbini Palace, but sitting under the Bodhi Tree, the chanting really felt to be soothing to my mind. The background music of the rustling leaves seemed to be notifying its presence and contribution in invoking the divine energy.

What I loved the most about Lumbini was its blissful surroundings and the desolate trails that led to the pastures spread till my eyes could see.

The Palace of the Divine Soul

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The Lumbini Palace is like a crown of Lumbini where you enter the huge hall to see the stone that proves its antiquity and origin during the time of Buddha. which is supposed to be belonging to which is recently built around the old ruins. What amazed me the most was the patience that people had for standing in the queue just to have a glimpse of the stone. Perhaps, such patience is the outcome of an indubitable faith in the preacher, the divine soul.

Invoking the Divine Energy

must see places Lumbini nepal

The thing that I realised was, the monks usually wore the same colour of cloths but and even looked a bit similar. But the way of chanting mantras was the key to identify their nationality. While the Srilankans chanted at a slow speed the Thai mantras would be chanted at a speed that can be competed by a new learner.

The Shanti Stupa

must see places Lumbini nepal


This epitome of peace and harmony looks as if the divinity is given a shape. But the 15 minutes that I spent sitting near this lotus pond was filled more with the touristy moment as made friends with a number of visitors discussing the stupa and its dazzling beauty.

The Reflecting Dhamma

must see places Lumbini nepal

Roaming on my battery run two-wheeler, I reach this lake that reflected the surrounding temples. Though the Sun was showering its wrath, the poise of nature created a different picture. I may not have bowed down the Lord in each temple, but I did not miss a single chance to stop and bow down to the picturesque creations of Mother Nature.

A Wavy Road to the Ultimate Peace

Isn’t that surreal? And a boat ride to this holy central canal gives you a feel of being in a European country. And it is crisscrossed across the planned town of Lumbini.

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A Meditation Tower

must see places Lumbini nepal

The Lotus Steps denotes the spiritual achievements of Lord Buddha and this Korean temple has an amazing architecture depicting the same.

Wat Thai Of Nepal

must see places Lumbini nepal

Instagram is full of the pictures of Thailand’s Wat Thai Temple but I was surprised to see its mini version here in Lumbini. Unfortunately, the temple was closed and I could not enter inside, but the exterior itself left me bewildered.

The Dragon Rules at the Burmese Temple

must see places Lumbini nepal

Painted with the auspicious colours (as per Buddhism) this temple seems to have been wrapped by the giant dragons coated in white and green.  This temple can be said as one of the most beautiful temples in Lumbini because of its dazzling exterior and mindblowing interior.

The Golden Green

must see places Lumbini nepal

I learnt in Lumbini that the Mahayana sect of Thailand, Korea, Myanmar and China worship Buddha with the golden paste and thus you would see most of the pagodas, stupas and the idols of Buddha painted in gold. While I  was in Shravasti, the Thai and Chinese literally carried a packet of gold paste to apply it to the old stupas and the Bodhi tree.

Buddham Sharanam Gachhchami

And there I was, flabbergasted by the grandeur of the Lord who was sitting under an artificial Bodhi Tree and was attended by the guards and devotees painted across the windows, doors and the pillars.

Were you bewildered by any Buddhist town? How was your experience? Let me know in the comments below…

Know these before you head to Lumbini..

  • You can cross the border from India to Nepal via Sonauli.
  • Two-wheeler is available on rest for 400-500 NR.
  • Indian currency is also accepted everywhere in Nepal.
  • When mentioned any price by any vendor please ask if it is NR or INR. ( 150 NR would just be 100 INR)
  • If you aim to trek in Nepal, you can take the route to Pokhara via Kathmandu.

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8 thoughts on “Postcards From Lumbini , An Atheist’s Travel Account

  • December 1, 2017 at 10:48 am

    Loved every picture here..!! Good one. 🙂

  • December 1, 2017 at 2:56 pm

    The scenery is beautiful. Where is Lumbini? Quieting the mind with chants, meditation or whatever you choose if a great thing, and special in a gorgeous place like, Lumbini.

    • December 1, 2017 at 2:57 pm

      Hey Wendy, Lumbini is in Nepal, Asia. And true, chanting and meditating are indeed great things to do.

  • December 1, 2017 at 2:58 pm

    I do love a good temple!


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