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Copenhagen is too difficult to explore in just one visit. In this case, this brilliantly planned city offers some of the best things to do and places to explore. You can cycle to and around many nearby locations or can take the Copenhagen Card to have unlimited access to the public transport. Though there are a number of free things to do on a shoe-string budget, there a few places and things worth spending some money.

There is an end number of things to do in Copenhagen. You can keep a check on the official “Visit Copenhagen” site to keep a track of the number of events and street concerts before you head for an exploration.

Apart from that, these are some of the fun, interesting and unique things to do in my opinion.

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Visit Copenhagen’s Open-air Museum

What if I tell that you can actually time-travel back to the 17th Century villages of Denmark? Yes, that is exactly what you can expect here in the Open-Air Museum of Copenhagen.  Jutland, Zealand and almost all the regions of former Danish Province have been recreated in this landscape. The houses from 1650 AD to 1950 AD have been re-erected in the farmlands of the Open-Air Museum. The houses were taken off piece-by-piece from its original location and were fixed here as it was in its original form.

Most of the houses are even as well-furnished as it used to be in its original time. From a poor farmer’s house to a wealthy miller’s house, you would be able to experience a little Denmark in this museum.

The interesting house to see here is the only house roofed using the seaweeds. It used to be a rare thing to do even during the bygone era. The

Don’t forget to try the free flour distributed by the volunteers working in an age-old wooden flour mill in this museum. (However, it is useless if you are just a tourist and have no means of cooking.)

Must Visit Museums in Copenhagen

How to reach Friland Museum: Take Line B towards Hillerod St., get down at Sorgenfri and take bus No. 184 to Friland Museum.

Entry Ticket: Both Travel and entry are Free for Copenhagen Card Holders/ DKK 75 for Adults, Kids under 18 have free entry.

Tip: Don’t forget to take the map from the reception to ensure that you don’t miss any region. Be ready to walk a lot.

Believe it or Not at H. C. Anderson’s Fairytale House

There are numbers of fairytale stories written by our favourite childhood story-writer. The Anderson’s fairytale house takes you on a ride through some of the pages of interesting stories. The light and sound show for each story is truly a magical experience.

Must Visit Museums in Copenhagen

The more interesting thing is the other part of the house. It is called ‘Believe it or Not” which apparently a collection of another bizarre world facts. Get ready to be haunted by the voodoo dolls and weird piercing arts from all around the world. Wait! that’s not all, you also need to solve some bizarre puzzles and font arts.

Entry Ticket: Free for Copenhagen Card Holder/ 60 DKK Adult, 40 DKK for kids.

Visit Roskilde & Viking’s Museum

The thrilling ventures of the Vikings are world famous. The history of Roskiled dates back to the pre-Christian Era where the Vikings ruled the island. These pirates’ tribe ruled Scandinavian and Danish Islands for quite a long time. The 1200 years old Vikings’ city has also been excavated at Aarhus (another Danish city). At the Viking’s Museum, you can see the original boats preserved for centuries. The boat ride along the shore would also let you see other historic boats of Danish islands.

The Roskiled cathedral is also one of the antique architectures. It is historically more special as it houses the 39 tombs of the Danish Monarchs.

How to Reach Roskiled: Direct trains from Copenhagen to Roskiled

Entry Ticket: Free for Copenhagen Card Holder/ 130 DKK, but the winter and the group prices vary, so kindly check the official website before your trip.

Go for a Day trip to Frederiksborg Palace

It is a fairytale castle on the bank of a beautiful lake frequented by swans. The view of the castle from the garden across the lake is a sight to marvel at.  An inside tour is also worth considering as it exhibits the royal set up, artefacts and paintings on all its five floors. Some of the very precious jewels, clothing and furniture are the main points of interests. Don’t get shocked if you come across any character from the paintings walking along and smiling at you. That is the most interesting part of the palace. You can talk to them, ask about their role in the Danish history and can also enquire about their traditional attire. The volunteers would be more than happy to answer, discuss and say cheese to your camera.

Must Visit Museums in Copenhagen

The more fun was the boat ride in the lake that is free for the Copenhagen Card Holders.

How to Reach Frederiksborg Castle:  Direct trains from Copenhagen Central Station to Hillerod. Hop on the bus no. 301/302 and get a drop directly in front of the castle.

Entry: Free for Copenhagen Card Holder / DKK 75 for adults, DKK 20 for kids, DKK 60 for students


Take a Canal Tour

Despite not being a completely offbeat experience, the canal tour in Copenhagen has something different to offer. The best part about it is that your journey isn’t limited just to the closed canal but you sail up to the open sea where the luxury cruises are anchored.

Unique Things to do in Copenhagen

Go for either a canal tour, a private luxury boat trip or just rent a boat and Sail off to the sea canals. The canal tour takes you through the colourful buildings of Nyhavn to the beautiful little mermaid sitting on the lonely shore. It is a convenient and more interesting alternative to the Hop on Hop off buses. The guides on the boat tell you the history of each iconic building and areas. It is definitely a worth take experience for just 80 DKK.

Entry Ticket: Free for Copenhagen Card Holder


Take a Train Ride through the Historic Buildings of the City

The city of Copenhagen has an exclusive system of a train ride through the city’s main attractions. It is quite a fun ride for the families with kids.

Entry Ticket: Free for Copenhagen Card Holder


Take a Glimpse of the Royal Life at Amalienborg Palace

The palace was built in line with a beautiful fountain on the bank of the canal and the famous opera. It was built in a way that the Royal dome, religious and culture of Copenhagen can be seen parallelly. This also signifies the three main souls of the city.

Must do things on Copenhagen Card

What to see in the palace? Well, apart from presenting a great view of the city, the palace houses the imperial set of the study room, dining area and the bedrooms. The Museum entry is free with Copenhagen Card and the palace courtyard is accessible to all. So, you can take a glimpse into the royal life of the king’s family.

Tip: If you visit this at noon by 12 PM, you will be able to witness the Guard Change Ceremony too.

Entry Ticket: Free for Copenhagen Card Holder / DKK 95 for Adults, Free for Kids, DKK 65 for students


Witness the Presence of Three Administrative Wings at Christianborg Palace

The palace stands proudly at the heart of the city centre in Copenhagen. The entry to its tower is free. The entry to the ruins, royal kitchens, Reception Rooms,  the parliamentary building and the Royal Stable is free with the Copenhagen Card.  The main building serves as the Danish Parliament and the Prime Minister’s office.

The current palace interestingly showcases the Danish architecture belonging to the three different Eras beginning from the 15th Century onwards. The different kings commissioned the constructions of a new palace, shaping up the structure of the current complex of the palace. The most fascinating part is that the Royals, the executives and the judicial officers are stationed in the same premises. There was a Royal event during my visit and thus I couldn’t visit the Royal Reception Area. The ruins and the stables are must visit in order to acquaint with the Danish History. In fact, the Royal Horses are trained for the special events in the grounds of this palace. If you are lucky, this would be the most interesting thing to witness.

Must do things on Copenhagen Card

Note that all the mentioned places are located in the different buildings of the Palace. Make sure that you don’t miss any of them. If you are too much interested in History, the palace visit can easily take 3-4 hours.

Entry Ticket: All entries are Free for Copenhagen Card Holder/ Separate payments or tickets for the Reception rooms ruins, stables and the kitchen

Witness the World’s Largest Beer Collection at Carlsberg’s 19th Century Brewery

The oldest machines that made this iconic Danish beer are still running dramatically at the old building of Carlsberg Brewery. From the largest collection of the vintage bottles to grain storage and dryer, the museum takes you on a ride to the bygone era of people’s favourite drink. The brewery also offers different games and activities throughout the day. You may win some souvenirs or special drinks.  Don’t forget to get your complimentary drink from the counter.

Unique Things to do in Copenhagen

Entry Ticket: Free for Copenhagen Card Holder / DKK 100 for adults, DKK 70 for students

Splurge on Cheese Cakes and Coffee at Nyhavn

Cheese Cake is something that Danish people are famous for. They aren’t too flavoury or heavy and are served with delicious sweet sauce on the side. Cheesecake combined with that fruity flavoured sweet sauce is something you can’t wait to eat as soon as it is served.

Unique Things to do in Copenhagen

You can actually do a Cheese Cake crawl in different bakeries and cafes of Copenhagen. Try out different flavours each time and you would not be tired of it ever.

Tip: Check the Discount Offers on your Copenhagen Card.


Check more about the Copenhagen Card Here, it makes your exploration hasslefree with almost all the attractions and Public Transport free for you. You can also count the amount you would save even if you visit only a few selected places. You must count the amount first and take your decision wisely. It completely depends on you whether you would want to opt for the card or not. 


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