Trek to Kohoj Fort

Trek to Kohoj Fort


Monsoon and Winter season bring the trekking season in Maharashtra. Kohoj Fort Trek is one of the least famous monsoon trek or winter trek in Sahyadris. The trek is admired for its heart-shaped lake named Pazhar and the verdant vistas of the surrounding valley.

  • Height of Kohoj Fort: 3200 ft (980 m)
  • Difficulty Level: Medium
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Trek Duration: 3-4 hours
  • Base Village: Vaghote (Palghar Region)
  • Best season to trek: Monsoon/ Winter
  • Estimated Cost: 400 – 500 INR (including Public Transport)
  • Kohoj Fort Contact: For Group Trekking Arrangements Contact Gautam Vaishnav +91 97621 24690 (Organiser of Budget Trekking – by Trekraw)

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Sandhan Valley Trek And Rappelling | A Detailed Guide From Mumbai

Sandhan Valley Trek And Rappelling | A Detailed Guide From Mumbai

Sandhan Valley Trek is one of the most enthralling descent treks near Mumbai, Maharashtra. The rappelling activity involved in this trek makes it an adventurous trek.  The trekking trail passes through a narrow creek in between two rocky hills near Samradh Village. During monsoon season, the same trail turns into a pathway of a river and during the summer, it becomes a trekking trail. This Sandhan Valley Trek blog of mine will give you detailed information about this trek including a local guide’s contact in Samradh Village.

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Kalsubai Trek | A Detailed Budget Guide from Mumbai

Kalsubai Trek

Kalsubai Trek to the highest peak of Maharashtra, at the height of 5,400, ft was on my list ever since I shifted to Mumbai. Kalsubai Trek can easily be reached by train journey without any difficulty. You don’t even need a guide on a weekend. There is only one route to the Kalsubai Peak from the base village Bari. You just need to follow the number of people heading to the same trail. However, this blog would explain the route in detail.

First, let me answer the frequently asked questions related to this trek :

Kalsubai Trek’s Difficulty Level

Difficulty level: Moderate

Don’t be misguided by the height of Kalsubai peak, trekking to this peak isn’t that tiring or doesn’t require any special technical help. Most people do it on their own despite reaching there with a group. Moreover, the trail is now so much frequented that there is hardly any chance for anyone to get lost.


Best Time to do Kalsubai Trek

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Harishchandra Fort – A Trek to Konkankada

Harishchandra Fort – A Trek to Konkankada
  • Height: 4,665 ft
  • Difficulty level: Medium
  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Trek Duration: 5-6 hours
  • Base Village: Khireshwar
  • Descending Route: Pachnai
  • Best season to trek: Monsoon/ Winter
  • Estimated Cost: Rs. 500 (including Public Transport)

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Kothaligadh Trek – Reaching The Arsenal of Shivaji

Kothaligadh Trek – Reaching The Arsenal of Shivaji

Kothaligadh trek or Peth trek is one of the easiest treks that can be done by any beginner. Located in the Peth region of Maharashtra, Kothaligadh was used as an arsenal during the rule of Shivaji Maharaj. Kothaligadh also worked best as a watchtower in the valley surrounded by popular peaks of the Sahayadri mountain range. It can best be done during monsoon as the greenery around looks picturesque and the surrounding mountain ranges wrapped in the cloud look totally dramatic.

Before giving all the other details in this Kothaligadh Trek Blog, let me answer some…

Frequently asked questions

What is the height of the Kothaligadh?

872 meter

Is Kothaligadh Trek difficult?

No, not at all. Kothaligadh trek would be rated the easiest on the difficulty level. The initial trek route is on the flat land passing through its base village, The last few minutes of climb id a bit steep that can be done by taking rest in between.

How long is the Kothaligadh Trek?

The to and fro trek duration is just 3-4 hours even if you take enough breaks. If you have a really good speed you can reach the top just in 1.5 -2 hours of time.

Which is the Base Village for Kothaligadh Trek?

The Base village for Kothaligadh Trek is Ambivali village which is accessible from Neral station on the central line of Mumbai Local Trains.

Which is the Best Season to do Kothaligadh Trek?

The best season to do this trek is winter and monsoon. If you want to avoid the slippery rocks then winter is a perfect time. It also provides you a clear view of the valley with a bright blue sky. However, I personally feel monsoon is a better time to do Kothaligadh Trek as the beauty of the valley is in its full bloom.


Kothaligadh Trek Budget and Guide’s Contact

  • Estimated Cost: Rs. 350 – 400 (including Public Transport)
  • Contact No: (For breakfast/lunch/dinner/guide)
  • Hotel Kothligad: 8446869377, 8983096763, 8446880454

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Rajmachi Trek | A Detailed Budget Travel Guide

Rajmachi Trek |  A Detailed Budget Travel Guide

Have you ever experienced rains miles away from the hustle and bustle of the city? Or got drenched in the lush green surroundings and the chocolaty mud? Ever been above the clouds or have watched the clouds rushing towards you and making you feel lost in some dreamy blurry world? If this dreamy description is exactly what you wish for then just pack your bag and leave for the Rajmachi trek from Mumbai during any monsoon weekend and it will ensure the everlasting memories of your life. Here is the complete guide and contact details of Rajmachi Trek and camping. Read more