Places to Visit near Ahmedabad on a 2 Days of Road Trip

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The shivery wind of winter brings along a flood of tourists to the only white desert of India which makes it a crowded carnival. Gujarat being my home state, I really find Rann of Kutch a touristy extravaganza during the season. Thus, I planned on covering lesser-known places to visit near Ahmedabad for 2 days of the time that I had in hand.

Trying to move off the touristy roads, I marked the heritage towns for my road trip from Ahmedabad to the nearby places within a distance of less than 200 km. Coastal Gujarat trip is what came to my mind on a first note, forests and hills were the second. In the end, I settled for the North Gujarat road trip. The roads will take you through the yellow blooming mustard fields and verdant farms. Though the route is quite common among the Gujjus, they hardly stop over these unsung heritage towns. Read more