How to Travel Full-time – Making it a Way of Life

How to Travel full-time

Deva Prasath, a full-time traveller from a small town called Maduranthakam in the outskirts of Chennai, is on an unstoppable journey throughout India. He has left his family back in the village to live his dream of traveling full-time.

Coming from a middle-class family, full-time travel wasn’t much of a fanciful idea. He had never travelled before he left his job and while writing this story, he wonders “Why didn’t he…!!” It has been a roller coaster since he has started. I have known him through a Facebook group where he keeps helping people with the contacts for volunteering works.

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A Nomad Working On and Off in the Himalayas

Travel full-time and Work


Arunachal Pradesh(INDIA) celebrates Nyokum Yullo, a tribal festival that almost no tourist is aware of. We were invited as journalists for the coverage of this incredible culture. And suddenly, a lady appears in our room on the morning of the main event. She was neither a writer nor a blogger. Upon further conversation, we came to know that she had just joined a school in Arunachal as a teacher! She was on a mission to explore this state at least for a year. And where was she before that? was my question. A year in Meghalaya, another somewhere else and then in some other state. What!! we were all stunned. She neither takes help of any workaway nor any websites. She just lands up in a place of her interest and searches for a work that also give her enough free time to explore. And sometimes, her work itself is like dream for many. Be it working in the Himalayan farms or in a school, she enjoys every bit of her work at her dream destination. Read more