How Couchsurfing helped me Explore Europe Better – My Experiences

Couchsurfing in Europe Experience

There are a variety of opinions when it comes to Couchsurfing. I have had the best and even the worst of the Couchsurfing experiences in Europe. If I conclude my journey I can definitely say, Couchsurfing really helped me live a life of local. Had I not been Couchsurfing, my Indian soul would have definitely got bored of the ‘space’ given by the Europeans. I am much thankful to this platform for all the amazing experiences that I have had.

Here are some experiences worth sharing with you all. It would also help you understand the spirit of Couchsurfing irrespective of the country.   Read more

Couchsurfing in Europe – Tips, Request Samples and More

Couchsurfing in Europe . Budget Backpacking and Couchsurfing in Europe.


Is Couchsurfing legal? Will I be able to find a host? How long before my arrival should I request a stay? Is it safe for solo girls? …. And the questions continued to barge into my mind. Planning an 83 Days of solo backpacking journey in Europe was more like solving a puzzle while considering a number of possibilities and impossibilities. I have answered your most common questions in this blog and have also added some personal examples for your better understanding. Read more