10 Fun and Unusual Things to Do In and Near Copenhagen

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Copenhagen is too difficult to explore in just one visit. In this case, this brilliantly planned city offers some of the best things to do and places to explore. You can cycle to and around many nearby locations or can take the Copenhagen Card to have unlimited access to the public transport. Though there are a number of free things to do on a shoe-string budget, there a few places and things worth spending some money.

There is an end number of things to do in Copenhagen. You can keep a check on the official “Visit Copenhagen” site to keep a track of the number of events and street concerts before you head for an exploration.

Apart from that, these are some of the fun, interesting and unique things to do in my opinion. Read more

Best Free Things to Do in Copenhagen

Free Things to do in Copenhagen


Copenhagen, the city that cares more about the cyclists also boasts of being the first country to depend majorly on natural sources of energies. The city that was once the home of Hans Christian Anderson, has still retained the beautiful sceneries as a memorial of his writings. A disturbingly quiet rhythm of the city mesmerised me initially. Then it became a routine to be in such tranquillity. It is so surprising that the world doesn’t believe in keeping harmony with nature and its rhythm whereas Copenhagen has achieved it quite gracefully. The city is a modern settlement yet in the lap of nature.

Copenhagen is a perfect city for the tourists to get a glimpse of the modern architectural oasis in the middle of a number of lakes and green spaces. History, literature, architecture, nature, food and beer, this city has the masters from all fields of art. Dotted with fairytale-like palaces and gardens, the imperial architecture of Copenhagen is a sight to devour. Be it the Frederiksborg Palace or Rosenborg Castle, the awe-inspiring architecture is completely unmatched. While the city loves its open sky, no building beyond 5-6 floors is ever built in Copenhagen.

Free pure air, water, recreation areas, parks, lakes, towns to a never-ending list of free things to do, this city is a touristic masterpiece.

While I would not want you to miss some of the iconic places worth spending money, the free things to do here are also should not be missed. However, almost all the places in Copenhagen turn free for you if you are a Copenhagen Cardholder.

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