Trekking Through The Valley of Mighty Rocks

  • Difficulty level: Moderate/Difficult (Full descend)
  • Duration: 2.5 Days
  • Trek Duration: 5-7 hours
  • Base Village: Samrad
  • Best time to trek : November to May
  • Contact No: (For breakfast/lunch/dinner/guide) Datta Bhau 08605151641

sandhn valley trek guide contact

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How to reach

By Road: You can reach Samradh Village located in Akole Taluka, Ahmednagar District, Maharashtra via Mumbai Nasik Highway and then towards Bhandadra. It would be difficult to reach this place if you are not aware of the route. You can opt to hire a drive and a cab who is aware of the route.

By train: Take any train in Central Line of Mumbai heading towards Kasara. The moment you get down Kasara you will find a number of taxis lined up on the western side exit of the station. You can opt for any of them who agrees to drop you at Samrad (Charge INR 600 minimum). Take the number of the driver for any further journeys.


The Base Village: Samrad

sandhn valley trek guide contact

It is one of the villages having geologically best location. The village is surrounded by great peaks of Maharashtra like Ratangadh, Ajoba Hills, Kalsubai, Alang, Madan and Kulang. It serves as the base village for two of the ‘must do’ treks around Mumbai namely: Sandhan Valley Trek and Alang-Madan-Kulang Trek.

Usually trekkers reach the village at the previous night of the trek and rest in the restrooms specially made for them in the out skirts of the village. You can contact the guide who will arrange for your rest room and the breakfast for the next morning.

Two washrooms are constructed nearby the restrooms which are usually locked at night but can be opened on request in the morning.


The Trekking Trail

sandhn valley trek guide contact

Sandhan Valley trek, unlike other treks, is preferred for descending the mighty rocks and the steep water route usually filled with water in monsoons. It is said that after each rain season the pattern of rocks in the route changes.

Be ready to take bath in the starting of the trail as you will have to walk through a puddle around 3-4 feet deep. Changing clothes is not a smart idea as the wet cloth will only add to your heavy bag. The clothes would surely dry up due to body heat just after few minutes.

The initial pathway is quite pleasant as the heat of the Sun doesn’t reach the creek like a valley. Thereafter, you need to be ready for the venture of rappelling down a 50 ft steep deep wall. Once gain, after a few minutes, you will have to slide into a hole and rappel down with the help of a rope. And again after a while, just before reaching the rest point, you will rappel down for the third time.

sandhn valley trek guide contact

After that, just in 5-10 minutes you will be reaching the rest point where you will spend your night, camping, singing, playing and enjoying the hot dinner cooked b y the locals in the valley.

Note: You will need guide to make arrangements for rappelling and required equipment.


The Rest Point

sandhn valley trek guide contact

It is surrounded by hills and huge rocks. The people usually secure the flat stream bed for the night. If you wish to book tents, either you will have to carry one of your own or the rented one or you can book the one set by the villagers on a flat patch near the stream.

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It is advisable to carry a sleeping bag and a mat so that you can sleep in open. As it is a valley at a low height, it is not too cold at night. Thus, it is manageable to sleep without tents.

You should be reaching as early as possible to occupy a proper space; as during seasons, there are around 400-500 trekkers which might create a shortage of space.

Lunch for the trek day has to be carried by you. The dinner will be provided to you cooked by the villagers at the same place.

Please carry your own tiffin for the dinner and avoid the usage of thermocol dishes as opposite to the prevalent fact, it is NOT BIODEGRADABLE. Keep the Valley clean for the next batch of the trekkers and carry your plastic waste to the village where they have the proper arrangement for the disposal.


Return to Mumbai

You can start your journey peacefully the next day morning after your breakfast. The simple route along the river will take you to Dehne Village within 2-3 hours. Here, you can ask your guide to make prior arrangement for the lunch.

Ask the concerned person to call the taxi person(one hour before) to take you to Asangaon. From Asangaon you will get fast trains towards CST.

Trust me, It would be an experience of a lifetime. Sliding and jumping off, down and to the rocks is a different fun all together.

 Remember: Let the valley retain its beauty. Do NOT litter the route.

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