Conquering The highest peak of Maharashtra

  • Height: 5,400 ft
  • Difficulty level: Moderate
  • Duration: 1/ 1.5 days
  • Best Time: Monsoon/Winter
  • Base Village: Bari
  • Estimated Cost: Rs. 1200 (Depends on the guide)
  • Contact No: For Breakfast and Lunch/ For guide

Kalsubai Tea Centre: 09923442273

How to reach: (from Mumbai)

By road: Via Mumbai- Nashik Highway to Bari village in Igatpuri District. (An overnight journey preferable) During your day time journey you get to see lush green fields and hills on the way.

By train: Take any train in central line till Kasara and from Kasara you can take any local bus which takes around 30-40 minutes. Or you can also opt for a private taxi till there.

Kalsubai Peak Trek Details Guide Contacts
The magical sunrise at the base village Bari

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The Base Village Bari

It is a small village and is quite clean and beautiful with many paddy fields around it. The water facility is good but you would hardly get drinking water on the trek route.


It is advisable to reach the village as early as possible (around 5 am) to witness a beautiful morning and to avoid lot of crowd. You will have to park your vehicle on the main road and walk through the entrance to the village.

At the starting of the village there is a small house converted into an eatery/resting point which provides breakfast and meals to the trekkers.

The Trekking Route

Kalsubai Peak Trek Details Guide Contacts

The trekking trail turns the most beautiful during monsoons.

There is a medium hike till you reach the first stop where there is a small temple under a tree; taking a left turn from there will lead you to a pathway passing through paddy fields. You can stop to have nimbu paani or tea at the stall here or else you can move up.

The route turns steeper before you reach a plateau. You would be climbing the first ladder now. Don’t forget to glance back and see the floating clouds below you.

After an hour of hike you will start climbing the steep ladders which will finally take you to the base of Kalsubai Temple; that is, the chef’s Dhaba (A small hut) who will serve the most delicious onion pakora and chai ever. Do not miss out this mouthwatering delicacy in the cold rainy weather. Trust me, you will forget all the pakoras you have ever had anywhere.

The last steep ladder takes you to the temple of the Devi from where you would see the clouds raining below you. All your efforts to climb up will seem worthy. Carry enough winter wears as it would be too cold at 5,400 ft.

Be aware of the monkeys while climbing.

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In case you are hiking on your own, there are no chances of getting lost as the route is well marked and as there are many tapries on the way, the owners would definitely guide you. Or else you just need to keep following other hundreds of trekkers moving to the same destination. (Only during seasons – Monsoons/Winter)

And please do not litter this heavenly place and try adding to its beauty by collecting the wrappers thrown by illiterate people.

Same route should be followed while getting down till you cross the mini-waterfall at the starting of the village.

Waterfalls at Bari

If you have started climbing as early as 6 in the morning then you would definitely have some time to spend at the clean and not so crowded waterfalls located at the right turn before entering the village. The first waterfall is at five minutes distance, but if you wish to enjoy in a better waterfall you will have to keep walking for a few more minutes and you would see a comparatively bigger and clear waterfall. It isn’t dangerous as water level is not too high.

Way back to Mumbai

The local buses pass from the highway outside the village. The buses will drop you till Kasara. After that you will have to catch a local train towards Mumbai.

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