Goji Villa – The Best Place for your Leh Stay

The moment I entered Leh, the chilled wind and the snowy mountains welcomed me to this charismatic place inhabited by the sweetest of the people. “Jullay….”, we were greeted by the people all around. I was told that the town of Leh is a bit crowded and thus I chose my stay not too close to the main market. Goji Villa was one of the first places I chose for my acclimatization days and of course for the best guidance for my month-long solo trip across the barren land of Ladakh  from Mr. Tashi Angchuk, the expert owner of the Villa.

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Evening Scene from the terrace cafe of Goji Villa
Warmth of a Home

Trust me, you would end up feeling at home while you enjoy your stay at Goji Villa. The attendants and the care takers here wish you with a broad smile and keep serving the hot water and teas to keep your body warm. When I stayed there, I could roam around everywhere in the Villa as if it was my own home. Sometimes, I also enjoyed helping the servants in farming. Yes! They grow their own organic vegetables right in their yard and you can enjoy the freshly cooked peas, cauliflower, shalgam and spinach in your breakfast and dinner.

Splendid View of the Sprawling Himalayas
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Leh Palace and the sprawling range of the Himalyas can clearly be seen and enjoyed from the balcony of the rooms

My mornings at Goji Villa started with the greetings from the brightly shining Sun and the glittering Himalayan hilltops. Devouring this enchanting beauty along with a hot cup of ‘Kahwa’, a perfect blend of the Ladakhi spices and black tea, was a heavenly experience. The mesmerizing view would take you on a visual trip to a fairy land of your dreams. The Leh Palace, proudly standing atop a hill, would deceive you to believe your dreamy imaginations to be true.

My stay at Goji Villa literally made me believe that the fairy land does exist in reality too!

Spacious Rooms and the best facilities
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The rooms at Goji Villa are neat, clean, spacious and comfortable

Unlike the rooms in most of the hotels, the rooms at Goji Villa are spacious enough for a family stay. The most important requirement in this region is the continuous running water. Goji Villa ensures the proper provision of the continuous water supply and the hot water in the mornings and evenings. The staff here also provides you with hot water jugs, especially for the first few acclimatization days when you need it the most. Later on, you would be used to drinking the chilled glacier water throughout your further journey in Ladakh.

Perfect Place for Group and Family Stay

The specially designed rooms and the common sitting area on each floor makes it a perfect place for a group or family stay. During my stay, a group of university students had booked the whole Villa for their Leh street art project. The common sitting area and the terrace were the perfect place for the discussions and the practice of their art project. The common sitting area also has the music and the theatre system.

The Terrace Café with an Amazing View
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The terrace cafe at Goji Villa is the most happening place of the guest house

During my stay, the terrace had been my favourite place. Bidding adieu to the Sun and watching the city of Leh as it turned like a star-studded sky right below me was an ultimate experience. Hot dinner accompanied by soothing music and cold wind tastes amazingly delicious. In fact, during my stay, a group of students chilled out there every evening by playing the flute and the guitar. It had become like a socializing place for a solo traveler like me.

The Most knowledgeable Owner

Mr. Tashi Angchuk is an expert in travel and trekking. Every year he takes a number of students from all over the world for the unique cultural and trekking experiences in Ladakh. He knows each interior part of Ladakh like the back of his hand. He had also been a great guide for my journey to the interior villages of Ladakh. And trust me, I could reach to some amazing places like Kukshow, Chiktan, Chulichan, Gargardo and many more interesting places of his suggestion. Later on, he also arranged trips for many of my friends. I would personally recommend Tashi Angchuk for any of your group excursions, bike trips, trekking or wild life tours in Ladakh. And if you straight away land at Goji Villa, leave rest of your worries of trip planning and bookings on him. Call now to book this property. 9419178747, 9622983350

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This post has been written in collaboration with Goji Villa. However, the views and the experiences are completely of my own.

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