The Beauty of Andaman and Nicobar

After sailing for almost two hours we reached the land held by the crystal clear green water. This beauty eventually made us change our plans of staying  here only for a day. We decided to stay for two days to enjoy the different shades of the vast ocean.

Havelock Island ,Radha NAgar Beach in Havelock island is the most beautiful beach of India
The beautiful view that we enjoyed for hours sitting on Govindnagar Beach at Havelock Island.

We had chosen ‘Eco Villa’ for our stay out of all the lovely resorts for its location right next to the sea and for its contribution to save the eco system and its knowledgeable owner.  It was an amazing feeling to stay in  Nicobari villas with the blue view. Gathering knowledge of what to do and where to go from the diving instructor, Subhash at Eco Villa, we quickly rented two wheelers and started our journey to one of the most beautiful beaches of Asia, ‘The Radhanagar Beach’. It’s a lovely beach at the Radhanagar Village surrounded by coconut plantations and small hills. The coconut water, fruits and the achari chats at the entrance would just add to the awesome state of your mind giving a treat to your taste buds. Further, as I wished to explore more of the village I chose a less trodden path and reached an old Shiva temple maintained by the villagers and from there to a Radha Krishn Temple.

 Contrary to our expectations the beach wasn’t that clean, thanks to our dear tourists. Hence we moved far away from the beach area frequented by the tourists to the rocky shore frequented by blue kingfishers and the tiny blue fishes in puddles.  It is an excellent place to witness the fiery sun immersing in the blue waves.

As it was about to turn dark we headed back to the town to visit Kala Patthar Beach. But, as they say, who cares to reach the destination when the road is more beautiful and interesting. The road to Kala Patthar Beach is one of such roads which turns the most beautiful as it turns dark. The Irish, the Israeli, the local restaurants and the beautiful villas lit up with blurry lamps with the rock music in the background creates a perfect Island evening. In such beautiful surrounding we enjoyed delicious dinner and drinks at Anju Coco Resto Bar witnessing the celebration of Israeli New Year celebrated by a few Israelis.

The next day noon we headed again to the same route with determination of reaching the Kala Patthar Beach. We were mesmerized as from halfway through our journey we were accompanied by the blue waters and the white sand on our left. This beach is comparatively less visited by people and thus it has been able to retain its beauty and clarity. You can enjoy the blue water shade, as the day passes by, turning into sea green. It is the best beach if you are a water baby and wish to be cradled in the water for hours. The rustle of the leaves, cool winds, the vast blue stretch and the clean water makes it a perfect beach for the date with self or with your loved one.

It was the end of the second day, it was the time to bid adieu to the land but only with the promise of visiting it again and romancing all it’s not so famous beautiful white sand beaches. The experience certainly filled us with an unknown pleasure and craving to visit it again and again.

– Purvi K.

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  • July 1, 2020 at 9:55 am

    We had a wonderful time in Andaman especially Havelock Island. We saw some interesting marine creatures and birds 🙂 Would love to visit again!


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