Grahan Village Trek Near Kasol – An Untouched Gem of Parvati Valley

Beyond the hustle and bustle of the most happening town of Kasol lies hidden among the hills, an ancient village of Grahan. The local claims it to be as old as the historic town of Malana. The beauty of Grahan Village is untouched by the tourists and trekkers (Written and visited in 2016) and is thus in its purest form. Unlike Malana, the people of Grahan Village are very friendly and the village is way much cleaner than Malana. Till 2014, when I visited it the first time, the village didn’t have any guest house or hotel. And just within the time span of 2 years, proper Homestays with modern amenities have come up. Though I feel it will make the village lose its original charm, it caters the basic need of a traveller. The only way to reach Grahan Village is by trekking from Kasol.

Grahan Village - Himachal
Who would not want to live in a homestay nestled in the farms.. !!


Note: It is(edit – ‘Was not’ till 2016) not a tourist spot. Don’t read on to find fancy attractions at this place.

So, now the question is why should you head to Grahan?



How to go for Grahan Village Trek from Kasol

  • The most advisable way to reach the village is to join any villager moving up to the village in the morning from Kasol.
  • Grahan Village is located at a distance of an 8-kilometre from Kasol, Grahn Village Trek would be classified as easy on the difficulty level. The trail begins at the Moon Dance Cafe near Kasol Bridge.
  • You need to take the lane beside the Moon Dance Cafe. Head straight past the spring towards the forest. The trail is well-marked in summers. Even during the winters when the trail may be covered in snow, there are more than enough signs for the trekkers heading to Grahan.
  • There are a few forest cabins that sell tea, coffee and Maggi for the travellers.


Here are a few appealing experiences for which you must take some effort to trek up till Grahan village off Kasol.


The beautiful Route passing to the Great Himalayan Forest

You will have to hike through the trail passing through the forest.  The forest will certainly charm you as the sunbeams dance on the ground through the net of the leaves of the age-old trees. Devour the beauty peacefully and don’t be in a hurry of reaching your destination. You may be lucky to find some mysterious symbols on the way. It is unknown whether the symbols have any meaning or had any use in ancient time. But, the typical symbols showing the natural elements certainly create curiosity in the onlookers’ mind.

Grahan Village trek
The Smoking hut on the way to Grahan Village. The trekking trail passes through a deep forest and leads you to a wonderful village called Grahan.


Grahan Village Himachal Pradesh
The mystical signs on a stone on the way to Grahan…


The fruits with the taste of the elixir

In a conversation with an orchard owner, about the best season to enjoy plums, she proudly boasted to have the best fruits that are exclusively sold only to the village people. She also enlightened us about the chemicals that are used to keep the fruits fresh till the tourist season and such fruits hardly retain the real taste. Whereas, the innocent people of Grahan wait till their orchards naturally bore rich fruits which are then sold in the village. So, don’t forget to hit this hamlet in the month of July-August to enjoy the real tastes of the fruits.


The sweetest people on the Earth
Grahan Village kasol
This lady helps the trekkers by putting up the bonfire for the trekkers on cold evenings… She keeps chattering about her village and its people and fruits….

It was one of those worst weather months of Himachal and the snowstorm had made it impossible for the Sar Pass trekkers to cross the pass. The young trekkers were wet to the core and were freezing with cold. During such worst condition when all the tents had gone with the winds, the people of Grahan opened the doors of their homes to provide a safe night stay for them without expecting anything in return. These sweet people also provided the required warmth with the hot Himachali meal and the fire.

Both the times when I have been to this place, I have spent the best of the times in conversation with the villagers who can entertain you with the awe-inspiring stories of this ancient village. These people also have good knowledge about the herbal plants of the Himalayas. They would happily help you with the available herbs for any mentioned sickness. (Be responsible enough to pay them something in return of their kind gesture)

The smart rosy-cheeked kids can outsmart you in the games of football and volleyball. I would expect you to contribute something by exchanging some knowledge of science, geography or mathematics with them.


The Historic Temple at Grahan Village

The temple of the wife of Rishi Jamdagni, who is the lord of the village of Malana, is the iconic architecture of the village. The temple is opened during the celebrations and the people from nearby villages and even the town of Kullu gather near the temple for the same.

Grahan Village Homestay
The temple of the village deity at the centre of the village


The Grahan Village Homestays with the Stunning views just at 100 INR (written in 2016)

This place is truly meant for a traveller. The newly built homestays are located a little away from the village settlement. The balcony would provide you with the enchanting view of the fields and orchards protected by the snow-capped hills of the Himalayas. Get up early to witness the gleaming pinnacles at around 7 am. You can also witness the colourful sunset sitting in one of the grain fields.

There are even a few homestays located in the outskirts, giving you an experience of a forest-stays in the Himalayas.

Grahan Village Himachal Pradesh
The most vibrant hues of the Sun across the hills..
Grahan Village Kasol Trek
The stream passing nearby the village…


The most authentic of the Himachali Food

The homestay owners can provide you with the Indian version of Italian, Israeli and Mexican food. Though you can binge on all kinds of fast food here, I would strongly recommend trying the Himachali Thali that would come straight from the smoking huts in the village. The food is not so spicy but has an authentic aroma and the taste of simple food cooked on firewood.


Grahan Village Homestay

  • A number of homestays have come-up now in the village of Grahan
  • Hot water and washrooms are available in all Homestays.
  • It is advisable to pre-book your stay during the summers.
  • Most homestays have shared/common washrooms but the newly constructed homestays have attached bathroom.
  • You can contact Ram/Rana who have not yet named their guest house. 9805932126, 9816794785.
  • Please note that the numbers might not be available considering the bad weather or network problem.


  • Do not litter and behave irresponsibly.
  • The trail passes through a forest area where photography and loud music might cause a problem for you if you get caught by any forest guard.

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10 thoughts on “Grahan Village Trek Near Kasol – An Untouched Gem of Parvati Valley

  • February 11, 2017 at 6:03 pm

    Thanks for the detailed information. This sounds like a great stay away from hectic urban life. Looking forward more such information on your website.

  • March 22, 2017 at 9:39 am

    Best time to visit Kasol & Grahan?

    • March 22, 2017 at 4:27 pm

      Hi Harry, if you wish to enjoy the snow, winter is the best time, or else, summers are quite pleasant to enjoy Kasol and Grahan

  • March 24, 2017 at 1:58 pm

    I have passed through Grahan two times on my way to sar pass. We camped beyond the nallah and did not have much opportunity to explore the village. I would like to go just upto Grahan and stay for a couple of days and return to Kasol. Does one need permission from forest authorities for hiking from kasol to grahan?

    • March 30, 2017 at 1:44 am

      Hello, Vaidehi.
      You don’t need any permit to go up till unless you don’t disturb the serenity and wildlife of the place. Join the locals early in the morning and you won’t be asked any questions.

  • March 8, 2018 at 10:33 am

    How do I Pre-book accommodation in grahan. Any website has the guest houses listed?

    • March 8, 2018 at 2:32 pm

      In the Travel Tips Section, I have shared 2 numbers of a guest house in Grahan. You can call and book.


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